Admission prices for schools

School classes can explore the knowledge lanes, work in a workshop with different materials, or go to driving school and get to know the traffic rules on the rooftop terrace. A day at the Kindercity with the class will be an unforgettable experience.

School admission prices

Individual offers

per child:      
Knowledge lanes school tarif 9.50    
Workshop school tarif 13.-    
Cinema child 2D 14.50    
Cinema child 3D 17.50    
Outdoor activities 4.-    
Special school menu 9.-    
Picknick room 25.-    
Edutainer for knowledge lanes 50.-    

School admission prices

Kindergarden multipass

Beetle path + train ride = Total = overal 10.- per child instead of 13.50 Fr. (Teachers and Supervisors for free) without Kindercity edutainer and picknick room

School admission prices

Multipass 1st-3rd/4th-6th grade

Knowledge lanes+

Workshop of choice +

Lunchbreak rooftop terrace +

1 Outdoor activity of choice=

Total = 22.50 per child instead of 26.50

(Teachers and supervisors are for free)

without Kindercity edutainer and picknick room