Labor Technolino

Advancement in scientific subjects.

The lab should give the children an easy admission to the subjects robotics, energy and pollution control. The extraordinary thing of the Technilino concept is, that in the first step, the Schibli apprentices learn themselves, how to program a robot, build an electric box or construct a solarpanel to touch.


Artificial intellegance

NAO cornerstone and Science Show

With the apprentices help, learn the cornerstone of the NAO robots. Work on step by step and based on the project certain tasks and watch the Science Show.

Robotics, cornerstone and show (with parents) from 2 years on


Little researches for big senses

Electricity workshop

In the lab there are work tables, on which there are different experiment boxes that are all about generating energy. By experementing as a "scientist" you can find out how electricity is produced.

Electricity from 5 years on.


Live in the future

NAO programming and education

This fun is for children in the holiday camps and in the school classes.

Robotics, programming and aducation fom 5 years on.

Renewable energy

Our future

Understand energy

A solarpanel to touch and  to touch electricity as a model should help, to understand the connections.

Discovering renuable energy from 5 years on.