The science area is a place of learning by discovering, which is an addition to the daily school routine. It draws the child in by its curiosity, its desire to explore and to understand new things. It provides knowledge in a playful way and is a place of learning that stimulates in a variety of ways.


Ages 2-6

The insect lane offers experiences in perception oriented base level learningfor youngsters 2-6. Insect lane is the science area for the youngest members of the kindercity family. It is a playful world, and seeks to meet the expectations and needs of the children, as it challenges their minds and lets their imaginations run wild. Here, reality is perception.


Group production

Chocolate workshop

The sweets in a different way: suitable to the season the children pour figures or make chocolates, that they can take home with them.

Craft workshop

There are no limitations set to fantasy. The children work with different materials and let their creativity run free.