4th to 6th grade

The science area is a place of learning by discovering, which is an addition to the daily school routine. It draws the child in by its curiosity, its desire to explore and to understand new things. It provides knowledge in a playful way and is a place of learning that stimulates in a variety of ways.

4th to 6th grade

Knowledge lanes

The science department, is a place to discover learning, and it is designed to complete the school day and the learning involved with it. Our science department appeals to your child´s curiosity, and need to explore and learn new things, and delivers a way to those bits of information, through playful, exciting learning!

4th to 6th grade

Groupe production

Technolino lab

In this Workshop the children learn a lot about electricity.

Car workshop

Here, the children are mechanics! They find out much about the car and can tackle and tinker around on one themselves.