1st to 3rd grade

The science area is a place of learning by discovering, which is an addition to the daily school routine. It draws the child in by its curiosity, its desire to explore and to understand new things. It provides knowledge in a playful way and is a place of learning that stimulates in a variety of ways.

1st to 3rd grade

Group production

Cooking workshop                                     

As cooks the children cook a yummy menu and they'll find out much about the ingredients.

Baking workshop  

With an apron the children can form animals from a dough, bake Cookies or other pastries. They'll knead the dough, form and bake it to something yummy to take home.



The expedition lane builds directly on top of the experience base of the insect lane, and acts as an extention of the lessons learned there, and shows the connections between this newly learned data, and the lessons to come. The center of it all is study, and understanding of the human body, energy, and communication. This level is equivalent to the 1-6 primary level.