Objectives of the Science area
The science area is a place of learning by discovering, which is an addition to the daily school routine. It draws the child in by its curiosity, its desire to explore and to understand new things. It provides knowledge in a playful way and is a place of learning that stimulates in a variety of ways.


Ages 4-6

The beetle lane offers experience and perception oriented basic experience for ages 2 to 6 years old. The science area that is reserved for children of pre-school level is called the beetle lane. It is a playful world and meets the needs of preschool children, stimulates their imagination and allows them their own space. On the beetle lane perception is set as the center point.

1st-3rd grade

Ages 6-9

The expedition lane builds on the experiences of the beetle lane, deepens them and is made for 7 to 9 year olds in further connections. The focus of the knowledge transfer are on the areas of the human body, energy and communication. The expedition lane appeals to the children in the grades 1st to 6th.

4th-6th grade

Ages 9-12

The knowledge lane invites to promote the childrens knowledge. To complement the school day, the children of the grades 4th to 6th learn about science in a fun way.