New exhibition

You should also witness our constant change. Discover the new activities in the Kindercity at your next visit . Try out the new equipment and exhibits, and let it surprise you. Do you like it?


Fit with enthusiasm and fun

The Kindercity in Volketswil offers a new movement obstacle course to small and large visitors, which is based on the Chinese culture of Taiji. The course is part of an exercise and nutritional concept, which is based on three pillars: exercises on the equipment, Taiji and Qigong exercises without equipment, as well as nutrition.



Kindercity realized the first column of this philosophy with the exercize course.


Change perception

Following the motto fit every day with enthusiasm and fun, the devices promote a fun way to move with natural instinct of children and adults. Using less force, push and pull are exerted on the entire device, and that without sweating! Tendons, ligaments, joints, tissue structure and the entire metabolism are especially activated at this time. A guaranteed fun for this generation to try!