• Who are we


  • Who are we

    Sandrine & Jean Christophe Gostanian

  • Who are we

    Booster club

  • On October 6th 2004, the first Kindercity of Switzerland opened its doors. Four years long, Sandrine Gostanian had fought for their idea -  the planning phase lasted three years, one year of construction. In 2002 she was nominated as entrepreneur of the Year for the project.
    Today the Kindercity stands on on its 6'000 square meters with around 250,000 visitors per year.

  • In Paris when we were in an educational center for children for the first time, we knew immediately - something like it was also needed in Switzerland. A place of fun and learning that can be effectively combined for children. As parents of three children, we know what fascinates families, and what is needed so that they can feel comfortable. With Kindercity we fulfilled our dream and opened the first child-promoting-center.

  • A child learns in a pace, that can hardly be understood by adults. The reason is easy: children learn while playing. They are curious by nature and want to know everything exactly. These factors we use in our booster club Sciencity, to  encourage children and to awaken the joy of learning and knowledge early.

    Children and families are our future.
    Investing in our children - the best investment ever.
    Learn more about our booster club Sciencity: www.sciencity.ch